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Frequently Asked Questions


Dear customer,

For the past 6 months, our leisure park has been suffering from inflation. The prices of raw materials have risen considerably. Transportation and energy costs have also risen. We have absorbed these costs without passing them on to our products and services.

Today, in order to guarantee the proper functioning of the park, to maintain the level of quality and service that our customers deserve, and to prepare ourselves for the increase in salary costs, we have no choice but to increase the prices of our activities and consumables. These changes will take effect from November 2022 for the Horeca and from January 2023 for the activities. Our price adjustment is necessary to allow the park to continue its expansion and develop new projects, both sports and entertainment.


  • Barbecues, picnics & drinks outside the site are not allowed
  • Prohibitions to use a drone
  • No swimming allowed
  • Prohibited illegal substances

Equipment rental

Rental of equipment (wakeboard, wetsuit, racket, ball, etc.) is not compulsory. You can come and ride on the lake or play padel with your own equipment. During the summer, the water temperature is very pleasant, so it is not always necessary to rent a wetsuit (depending on your sensitivity). However, any equipment rented is non-refundable. For all equipment rental, a deposit will be required (identity card, mobile phone, car keys, etc.).

What happens in case of bad weather?

We have chosen activities that are still practicable in bad weather. And yes, don’t forget that we are in Belgium! However, in the event of a thunderstorm or severe storm, participants will be asked for their safety to interrupt their activities for as long as necessary.

Can we picnic?

No, it is forbidden to picnic with us, for the simple reason that we offer several catering outlets: cold sandwiches, original burgers, salads… Bon appétit!

Can I drop my children off and leave?

Whatever activity your children do, they remain under your responsibility until the age of 16. In fact, we are not a day care center and we cannot do individual supervision. If you would like the services of an operator as part of an activity, please contact us.

What equipment should I bring?

Bouldering : comfortable sportswear and climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are available for hire at the hall reception.

Padel tennis : comfortable sportswear.

Cable park : a swimsuit/shorts and a towel. Wetsuits and wakeboarding boards are available for hire at the reception. Life jackets and helmets are provided.

Treetop park : comfortable clothes and closed shoes.

Tree climbing : sporty, comfortable clothing and closed shoes.

Aquapark : a swimsuit/shorts, a towel. Wetsuits can be rented on site. Life jackets are provided.

What are the physical conditions required?

For water activities, you must know how to swim. For the rest, you don’t have to be a top athlete to enjoy the Dock!

Are park visitors and customers insured?

Dock 79 is insured for civil liability against any damage resulting from its liability. Examples: material defect or plant failure.
The insurance does not cover damage resulting from non-compliance by a visitor with the recommended safety rules.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs on a leash are allowed in our park . We ask you to pick up their droppings

Is it compulsory to reserve?

In general, if you come during the opening days with family or friends, you are under no obligation to make a reservation.

However, reservations are required for large groups (from 10 people), schools, teambuildings, stag and hen parties.

How long should I plan to fully enjoy the park?

It all depends on how many activities you want to do! But we recommend planning a minimum of 3 hours to enjoy it without having any regrets …  

Are the staff trained?

Surveillance, briefings, coaching, first aid: our supervisory staff is trained to ensure you have moments of pure pleasure, while guaranteeing you total safety.

Is there a parking lot?

Our car park, located in the centre of the park, can accommodate up to 200 cars. Admission for the day costs €3.00 during the high season (09.00-19.00), and is free the rest of the time. If the car park is full on the day of your visit, you can still park in the surrounding streets.

From 15 May to 2 JulySaturday and Sunday
From 3 July to 27 AugustEveryday
From 28 August to 15 SeptemberSaturday and Sunday

Is the access to the park easy?

We are 15 minutes from Mons, and 45 minutes from Brussels or Lille. Access is facilitated by the E19 and A27 motorways, then by arrow signs with the name “Belgium Cable Park” and “My Little Forest”.

What are the forms of payment accepted?

At each reception of each activity, you will have the possibility to pay in cash or by bancontact and credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

Request for lots

Our leisure park takes part in events such as competitions and tombolas organised by various organisations (schools, youth movements, associations, sports clubs, etc.). Free entry to one or more of our activities (prizes to be decided by our teams) may be offered if your organisation has organised a group outing (10 people or more) in our park over the last three years (2021, 2022 and 2023).

If your request is eligible, please send us an official request no later than 15 days before the date of your event. This request can be sent to us by e-mail to vasb@qbpx79.or and must include:

  • The name of the establishment/association;
  • The date of the event;
  • The signature (of the President, Director or Manager) with the school’s stamp (if possible);
  • A duplicate dated invoice for a group outing.


365 PASS

The 365 Pass gives its holder, and only its holder, access to all our activities (except padel and courses) provided that they are practiced on the same day. The 365 Pass can only be used once a year.

The purchase (non-slip socks/slippers) and rental of equipment (wakeboard, wetsuits) are not included in the free activities.


The 365 Passport offers the same benefits as the 365 Pass to its holder AND to an additional person of his/her choice.


Reservations can be made at vasb@qbpx79.or.
Activities can be enjoyed without a reservation, subject to availability.