Cordialement/ Met vriendelijke groe

Escape game

unravel the mysteries of the philosopher’s stone !

Put on your detective outfit and set off in search of a legendary treasure buried in the park ! You’re in for an adventure of a lifetime, where your best allies will be your brain and your team spirit !

Outdoor escape game
3 players minimum, 8 max
Available in French, English & Dutch
Recommended age 12 year old
Self-guided activity, supervision left to the parents’ discretion
Created in 2024

opening hours

  • Accessible all year round !
  • Wednesdays : 12pm to 7pm
  • Weekends, public holidays & holidays : 12pm to 7pm
  • Length of game : 2h00
  • Departures every 30 minutes
  • Last departure : 5pm


  • 15€/player
  • Equipment included (satchel)

practical information

  • Meet at the reception of our main building
  • Bring suitable clothing for walking in the forest
  • Self-guided activity
  • 3 players minimum, 8 max per game
  • The activity is available in French, English and Dutch


  • Booking advised via our booking module
  • On-site booking possible
  • Contact us : vasb@qbpx79.or

background story

Built around the Herbières lake, the Dock 79 park is well known to local residents. Few people know, however, that the site was once home to a sand pit. Legend has it that it was discovered by a group of pioneers who decided to exploit its resources. As they dug deeper and deeper, they discovered the entrance to an ancient gallery buried beneath the sand. Euphoric at their discovery, they decided to explore this gallery, which seemed frozen in time. At the end of their expedition, they discovered a tomb bearing the inscription : « Ex pulvere aurum », « From dust came gold ». They also found a stone whose brilliance illuminated the entire tomb. After much research, they realised that this unique stone was none other than the Philosopher’s Stone, the legendary stone that had the power to transform minerals into the purest gold. They soon realised that the sand pit represented an inexhaustible source of raw material. They used the stone’s powers to transform the sand into gold dust and amassed a colossal fortune. But very soon, many curious onlookers were attracted to this mysterious quarry. The pioneers took fright and decided to hide the stone and their treasure before fleeing, never to return. Even today, legends tell us that the philosopher’s stone is hidden in the park, waiting for intrepid adventurers to find it and bring its brilliance out into the open.