About us

Dock 79 is a multi-activity leisure park located in a natural and protected setting. More than just a place to free your mind, the park offers its clients a range of sporting and atypical activities for an unforgettable experience. The Dock 79 offers classes, training camps, birthdays, privatizations, afterworks, as well as unique corporate events.


Dock 79 offers fun and playful activities to be experienced with family or friends : the Aquapark for swimming, climbing, jumping and sliding on a dozen XXL obstacles ; 11 Treetop park courses for all levels to enjoy a stunning view of the forest and above all, a good dose of adrenaline ; several spots to practice Tree climbing and awaken your knowledge of our environment !

But also more sporting activities for those who wish to discover new disciplines, progress or challenge themselves : the Cable Park (two lifts of different levels) to take up the challenge of sliding on the water ; two Padel tennis courts, the new racket sport sensation ; a Bouldering gym to take on a new challenge with every hold

Let’s not forget La Sablière, a family restaurant offering delicious meals and a breathtaking view of the lake and its riders. Whether you’re looking for a refreshing beer with your mates after playing Padel or a good meal before a family activity, La Sablière has what you need !

Dock 79 : Adventure is in our nature