Bloc climbing

A feeling of freedom ! Take a step up and explore our 800m2 of climbing walls

Dock 79 will open a bloc climbing area in October 2022 !
After the installation of two paddle tennis courts, Dock 79 is further expanding its leisure offer with a new sensational activity for amateur and experienced climbers. 


Bloc climbing is a worldwide sport trend : it’s fun, body and mind challenging ! Much more accessible than rock climbing, no equipment and no safety techniques are necessary to practice. The climbing walls are much lower and the floor is covered with a thick gym mat to prevent any risk of injury. 

Dock 79 has decided to bet on this trendy discipline which gives a real feeling of freedom. The bloc climbing area (800m²) will be set up in place of the current Trampoline Park, which will close its doors for a few months before being relocated next to the tree climbing area. In the long term, the aim of Dock 79 is to add a 300m² outdoor climbing area, but also to take advantage of the lake to offer customers the chance to practice « deepwater climbing », that is practised above the water, for even greater sensations !

After 10 years of existence, the leisure park continues to grow with an ever richer offer in line with current sporting trends. Save the date, a 6th sensational activity is coming to Dock 79 !