About us

Dock 79 is a fun family leisure park located in a wonderful place, on the edge of the woods and on the banks of an 8 hectare lake. The Dock offers a unique, sporting and breathtaking experience for the whole family ! 

You can find some fun activities there for the youngest : an aquapark with a dozen XXL obstacles, 11 tree climbing courses for all levels and a 800 m2 trampoline park.

But also more sporting activities for those who want to challenge themselves : the cable park (two lifts of different levels) and two padel tennis courts, the new sport sensation. 

Let’s not forget « La Sablière », a family restaurant offering delicious meals and a breathtaking view of the lake and its riders.

In October 2022, Dock 79 will also launch a new sensational activity for both amateur and experienced climbers : a bloc climbing area, a trendy discipline which offers a real feeling of freedom ! After 10 years of existence, Dock 79 continues to grow with an ever richer offer in line with current sporting trends.