Tree Climbing

Enjoy the forest
from a new perspective!

Sky-high courses of ropes, zipwires, crossovers, and obstacles up in the trees.

Welcome to My Little Forest , an adventure park up in the trees that will get your feet off the ground and keep you on your toes! Courageous climbers of all ages can get a birds eye view of the forest, and a good dose of excitement. Choose from four different courses with varying difficulty levels suitable for both adults and children, as well as two smaller courses for toddlers (ages 3-4).

Created in 2015

6 courses in total 

4 long courses

2 toddler courses

Children under 9 must be accompanied by an adult

Please wear trainers (avoid Crocs, sandals, or flipflops)


À la suite du CODECO du 22 décembre 2021, le Trampoline Park est temporairement fermé. Nous espérons pouvoir le rouvrir pour le 8 janvier.

Une date de réouverture sera annoncée après le CODECO prévu début janvier. 

Pour rester informé, suivez-nous sur Facebook !

Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à tous.


Following the CODECO on the 22th of December, the Trampoline Park is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen it for the 8th of January.

A reopening date will be announced after the CODECO scheduled for early January.

To stay informed, follow us on Facebook!

Happy Holidays to all.