Trampoline Park

The great indoors!
Whatever the weather,
come and bounce with us on our indoor trampoline complex.

When we created the Trampoline Park, we knew we had to think big. Get ready for 1000m2 of pure elasticity! You’ll feel light as a feather as you get to grips with anti-gravity, try out new tricks or just jump as high as possible. Trained supervisors will always be present to watch out, help out, and be impressed by your new skills.

Created in 2020

1000 m2 of trampolines

Indoor activity


À la suite du CODECO du 22 décembre 2021, le Trampoline Park est temporairement fermé. Nous espérons pouvoir le rouvrir pour le 8 janvier.

Une date de réouverture sera annoncée après le CODECO prévu début janvier. 

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Bonnes fêtes de fin d’année à tous.


Following the CODECO on the 22th of December, the Trampoline Park is temporarily closed. We hope to reopen it for the 8th of January.

A reopening date will be announced after the CODECO scheduled for early January.

To stay informed, follow us on Facebook!

Happy Holidays to all.